Below is a list of lab testing for the CBD lines we carry:

Plant People

Drops Mind + Body 315mg

Drops Mind + Body 630mg

Drops Mind + Body 1260mg

Drops + Sleep 360mg

Drops + Sleep 720mg

Drops + Sleep 1440mg

Drops + Relief 360mg

Drops + Relief 720mg

Drops + Relief 1440mg

Be Calm Capsules 

Stay Sharp Capsules

Balm + Relief 450mg

Relief+ Cooling Gel 750mg

Nourish Body Lotion 300mg

Revive Serum 300mg

Restore Face Mask 300mg


Green Roads

CBD Chocolate Bar 180mg

CBD Hemp Flower Coffee 2.5oz – around 9-10mg CBD (may very batch to batch)

Sleep Capsules 30ct 750mg

Sleep Z’s Gummy 2pk 50mg

Single Froggies 25mg

Single Froggies Sour 25mg

Relax Bears 50mg

Relief Cream 70mg 


La Mend / The Good Patch

Hangover Transdermal Patch

Period Transdermal Patch

Nite Nite Transdermal Patch

Calm Transdermal Patch


Mantra Mask

After Sun Face Mask

Anti-Aging Face Mask

Blemish Face Mask

Collagen Face Mask

Repair Face Mask

Coconut Eye Gels

Charcoal Cleanser


Shea Brands

Sole Soother Patches

Mensural Roller 500mg

CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops 600mg

CBD Restorative Lip Balm 25mg

CBD + Electric Daisy Enzyme Face Mask 300mg

CBD + Electric Daisy Exfoliating Scrub 300mg

CBD + Electric Daisy Day Serum 300mg


Cannabliss Organic

Revitalizing Face Serum

Moisturizing Face Lotion

Foaming Cleanser

Hemp Salve

Bliss Body Oil

Bliss Kiss Blam

Rejuvenating Eye Serum

Beauty Bliss CBD Elixer + Collagen Booster

Beauty Boost CBD + Collagen Gummies 300mg 


Mary’s Nutritional 

Burnout Spray

Pet Tincture 300mg

Pet Tincture 900mg

Pet Transdermal Gen Pen 50mg


Sun State Hemp 

Cat Treats – Seafood 100mg

Dog Jerky

Pet Spray 100mg

Clear Gummy Bears 500mg

Clear Gummy Bears 750mg

Clear Gummy Bears 1500mg

Full Spectrum Gummy Bears 750mg

Full Spectrum Gummy Bears 1500mg

Sour Worms 500mg

Sour Strips 500mg

Biotin Nutritional Gummy 300mg

Collagen Nutritional Gummy 300mg

Multivitamin Nutritional Gummy 300mg

Turmeric & Ginger Nutritional Gummy 300mg


Airome / Candle Warmers

Boost Wax Melt 60mg

Destress Wax Melt 60mg

Focus Wax Melt 60mg

Relax Wax Melt 60mg

Relief Wax Melt 60mg

Uplift Wax Melt 60mg

Eucalyptus Roll on 150mg 

Uplift Roll on 150mg 

Lavender Roll on 150mg 

Peppermint Roll on 150mg 

Destress (relief) Roll on 150mg 

Relax Roll on 150mg 

Calm Down Roll on 150mg 

Unscented Roll on 150mg