Fresh Wave

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The cure for the common deodorizer.

The cure for the common, chemical air freshener, which is designed to mask unwanted smells, unscented Fresh Wave® is created for odor elimination. Fresh Wave Sprays, Crystal Gels, Candles, Vacuum Pearls, Laundry Multi-Purpose Additive, Carpet Shake, and Pearl Packs use the power of nature for safe, non-toxic odor elimination without the use of perfumes or fragrances. They’re great for the home, car, office, cabin, boat, locker, gym bag and every place else. Wherever you have an odor, we have a Fresh Wave solution.

Using proven science, the natural ingredients in Fresh Wave products bond with odors to safely get rid of smells in the air, woven materials, confined spaces and everywhere else odors lurk.

“The other night my dog was sprayed by a skunk. The smell was horrible and I didn’t think it would ever go away. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, but then I remembered I had the Fresh Wave Multipurpose Additive. So we used it to wash our dog. The results were amazing! The smell was gone immediately! Thank you Fresh Wave!” -Cindy D. – Glen Mills, PA