Airome Essential Oils

Airome Essential Oils thumbnail Locations: Coppell, Keller, Westcliff

Jabo’s Ace is now home to Airomé Essential Oils and Diffusers. These amazingly high quality oils are 100% certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Each oil is lab tested and can be used topically or aromatically in one of our essential oil diffusers. Airomé Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers come in 100 and 250ml in tons of elegant designs. Plus check out their amazing Essential Oil Pluggable Diffusers. 

Discover which oils we stock below!


A cleansing, zesty aroma. Diffuse it to boost focus and energy and to freshen the air.

Available at: All Locations


A calming, lemony fresh aroma. Diffuse it to inspire mental clarity and heighten awareness.

Available at: All Locations

Tea Tree

Melaleuca has a cool, purifying aroma. Diffuse it to encourage deep breathing and to rejuvenate and cleanse the air.

Available at: Keller



An invigorating, refreshing aroma. Diffuse it seasonally to encourage deep breathing and relaxation.

Available at: All Locations

Deep Soothe

A cool, soothing blend to ease and alleviate. Diffuse after a long days work or a hard workout!

Available at: Keller


Cooling and refreshing. Diffuse this strong, minty aroma to boost focus, clarity and energy.

Available at: All Locations


Serene & Still

A warm and relaxing blend. Diffuse it to inspire sweet dreams or to create a calm and relaxing space when feeling stressed.

Available at: Keller


Native to the Old World. Lavender is a relaxing and calming aroma. A popular choice to diffuse before bedtime.

Available at: All Locations

Beauty Sleep

A fusion of soft, floral essentials. Diffuse this restful blend to help create a calming atmosphere that encourages sleep.

Available at: All Locations



An herbaceous and woody blend of oils to calm and focus the mind. Diffuse it to encourage concentration and clarity. 

Available at: All Locations

Ylang Ylang

A rich and inspiring floral aroma derived from the flowers of the tropical Canaga tree. Diffuse it to brighten and encourage feeling of romance.

Available at: Keller

Guard Against

Guard Against seasonal threats with this potent blend of botanicals derived from the legend of the Four Thieves. Diffuse it to purify the air and uplift the body.

Available at: Keller



The “forbidden fruit” of Barbados. An energizing, invigorating aroma. Diffuse it to encourage and uplift the mind.

Available at: Keller

Citrus Boost

An energizing blend with the many benefits of citrus oils. Diffuse it to boost energy, ease stress, and uplift mood.

Available at: Keller


A sweet, energizing, purifying aroma. Diffuse it to uplift and inspire a positive, joyful mood.

Available at: All Locations


Purify & Cleanse

A cleansing blend that is citrusy and green. Diffuse this blend to freshen and purify the air.

Available at: All Locations


Of ancient renown, this precious aroma elevates a sense of purpose and connection. Diffuse to comfort and for spiritual grounding. 

Available at: Keller & Fort Worth


A soothing, woody aroma. Diffuse it to help create a relaxed, grounded state of well-being. 

Available at: Keller


Kids Essential Oil Blends

Aroma Kids Essential Oil Blends are specifically formulated to provide therapeutic-grade aromatherapy benefits to children and their families. Each blend is made with 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils combinations that are especially designed for kids. These blends can be diffused, or diluted with a carrier oil and applied topically. Whether it’s study time or bedtime, Aroma Kids Essential Oil Blends can add an aromatherapy enhancements to your little one’s experience. 

Royal Guard

A warm and earthy blend of botanicals. Diffuse to guard against seasonal threats (and dragons).

Available at: All Locations


A sweet and floral blend used to create a calm and restful environment for your little sleepyhead. 

Available at: All Locations

Little Genius

Pay attention! This blend is green and bright! Diffuse it to encourage your little genius to focus and concentrate! 

Available at: All Locations